Copper modeling processing technology in interior design

In interior design, copper can not only achieve different effects through surface treatment processes but can also be used to produce various exquisite decorations and furniture through modeling processes. The following are several common copper product modeling processes:

1) Flat wire drawing: Slender grooves are drawn horizontally or vertically on the surface of the copper plate by machine or hand, making the surface appear striped and increasing its visual layering and texture.

2) Etching: Use chemical etchants to etch parts of the surface of the copper plate to achieve an uneven effect, which can be used to express text, patterns and other details.

3) Hollow engraving: Carve copper plates or copper tubes to create various patterns and patterns, forming an exquisite hollow effect. It is often used to make screens, wall lamps, chandeliers, and other decorations.

4) Fine carving: Copper blocks are carved using precision carving tools to produce various fine patterns and textures. They are often used to make small decorations and jewelry.

5) Engraving: Copper plates or copper pipes are embossed to create various raised patterns and patterns to form a three-dimensional effect.

Overall, copper has a lot of potential in interior design. Its color and luster can add a unique charm to the interior, while its plasticity and workability also provide designers with more creative space. However, copper materials also have some shortcomings, such as being susceptible to oxidation and discoloration. Therefore, when using copper materials, it is necessary to choose according to the actual situation and carry out reasonable maintenance and care to ensure its durability and beauty. In the future, the application of copper in interior design will be more diverse and innovative. Designers can combine the properties and benefits of copper with other materials to create more unique interior design effects.


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