Tinned copper material leads the new trend of food packaging to ensure food safety and hygiene

Tinned copper is a composite material covered with a layer of tin on the surface of the copper material. This material combines the electrical conductivity of copper with the corrosion resistance of tin.Since copper itself is an excellent conductive material, tinned copper still retains this characteristic, making tinned copper have a wide range of applications in electrical, and other fields. The tin layer can effectively prevent oxidation and corrosion when the copper is in contact with air, water, etc., thus extending the service life of the material. The bonding force between the tin layer and copper material is strong, so problems such as delamination and cracking are challenging to occur in the welding process of tinned copper, and the welding quality is guaranteed. The tin layer has a bright metallic luster, which makes the appearance of tinned copper more beautiful.

Tin Coating Copper

With the increasing attention of consumers to food  hygiene, the choice of food packaging materials is becoming more and more important. In recent years, tinned copper material has been widely used in the field of food packaging because of its unique performance advantages and has gradually become the new darling of the industry.

Tinned copper material has excellent corrosion resistance and can effectively prevent food and metal contact to avoid food contamination. Compared with traditional food packaging materials, tinned copper materials have higher safety and hygiene. Therefore, more and more food manufacturers have begun to choose to use tinned copper materials as the inner layer of food packaging to ensure the safety and hygiene of food.

Tinned copper material is used for food packaging

According to a well-known food packaging company, their cans and caps made of tinned copper materials have been widely praised by consumers in the market. Consumers say that the use of tinned copper packaging for food is safer and more hygienic so that they can enjoy food more at ease.

In addition, tinned copper material also has good recyclability and environmental protection. In the field of food packaging, sustainable development, and environmental protection have become important trends. Food packaging made of tinned copper materials can be reused after recycling to reduce resource waste and environmental pollution.

In general, tinned copper materials have broad application prospects in the field of food packaging. As consumers’ requirements for food safety and hygiene continue to increase, tinned copper materials will become an important choice for the food packaging industry. At the same time, we also look forward to more enterprises joining the research and development and application of tinned copper materials to promote the sustainable development of the food packaging industry jointly.


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