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Aliuminum bronze tube is used for manufacturing various parts in industrial sectors such as machinery and aviation.

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Aluminum Bronze Tube Overview

It is used for manufacturing various parts in industrial sectors such as machinery and aviation.

Aluminum Bronze Tube Specification

Alloy Grade Status Section size Length Guideline
Outer diameter Wall thickness
QAl9-2 QAl10-4-4 QAl9-4 QAl10-3-1.5 R φ60~250 10~50 500~6000 GB/T1528-1997
QCr0.5 R φ100~210 25~37.5 500~3000 Corporate standards
*Non-standard range products can be negotiated


Aluminum Bronze Tube Application

In the aerospace field, copper tubes are mainly used as heaters on aircraft engines and other mechanical equipment. Their high thermal conductivity enables them to better protect the normal operation of machinery and equipment in high-temperature and high-pressure environments.

In the chemical industry, copper tubes are mainly used to manufacture chemical equipment, petrochemical equipment, and related accessories. Copper pipes’ superior corrosion resistance can effectively prevent the corrosion of chemical products on the pipes.

In the construction field, copper tubes are widely used to make pipes and fittings for heating, ventilation, cooling and air conditioning systems. It has excellent thermal conductivity and can quickly transfer heat, allowing heating systems, air conditioning systems, etc. to operate efficiently. At the same time, copper tubes also have excellent corrosion resistance. They are not easily affected by the environment and water quality during long-term use, helping to improve the stability and reliability of building systems.

In the electronics field, copper tubes are used to make cables that connect sensors, as well as to make solar panels, LED lights, and other electronic lighting equipment. In addition, copper tubes are widely used in the manufacturing of semiconductor appliances and high-precision instruments because of their good electrical conductivity and reliable corrosion resistance.

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Payment Methods of Aluminum Bronze Tube

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card etc.

Shipment of Aluminum Bronze Tube

It could be shipped by sea, by air, or by reveal ASAP as soon as repayment receipt.


What are the advantages of copper tubes compared to other metal tubes?

Answer: Copper tubes have excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, and are easy to process and install. In addition, copper tubes also have a long service life and good environmental performance.

What should we pay attention to during the installation process of copper pipes?

Answer: When installing copper pipes, you need to pay attention to the bending radius, support and fixation methods of the pipes, as well as the sealing and tightening of the joints. Avoid excessive bending or flattening of pipes to ensure quality installation.

How to maintain copper tubes during use?

Answer: Copper tubes should be inspected regularly during use to detect and deal with possible corrosion, leakage or blockage problems in a timely manner. For exposed parts, protective measures such as applying anti-rust coatings can be taken.

What is the price of copper tubes?

Answer: The price of copper tubes is affected by many factors such as market supply and demand, copper price and processing cost, so the price will fluctuate. Generally speaking, the price of copper tubes is relatively high, but its excellent performance and long life make it highly cost-effective.

Are copper tubes prone to oxidation and corrosion?

Answer: Copper pipes are indeed susceptible to oxidative corrosion in humid environments, but they can be protected by applying anti-rust coatings or using gas-phase rust inhibitors. In addition, choosing good quality copper pipes and proper installation techniques can also reduce the risk of oxidation corrosion.

What should you pay attention to when welding copper tubes?

Answer: When welding copper pipes, you need to choose the appropriate welding process and materials, control the welding temperature and speed, and ensure the quality and sealing of the weld. At the same time, welding personnel need to have certain professional skills and experience to ensure welding quality.

How to deal with the bending and deformation of copper tube?

Answer: The copper tube may be bent and deformed during processing or installation. For slight deformation, it can be processed through heating correction or mechanical correction; for severe deformation, it may be necessary to replace the copper tube with a new one.

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