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The advantages of the oxygen-free copper rod produced by the up-drawing method are low oxygen content, high purity, and unlimited length.

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Overview Of Oxygen-free Copper

Production of Oxygen-Free Copper Rods by Up-drawing Method, which requires continuous smelting and casting, including melting copper into copper water in a furnace, casting copper billets through a traction device, rolling and forming and other steps.It can produce copper billets with oxygen content less than 30ppm and unlimited length.
The advantages of the oxygen-free copper rod produced by the up-drawing method are low oxygen content, high purity, and unlimited length.

Application of Oxygen Free Copper Rods

Manufacturing of wires and cables: Oxygen-free copper rods are a key raw material in the production of wires and cables. Their high conductivity enables the wires and cables made of them to effectively transmit electrical energy and reduce energy loss. Therefore, oxygen-free copper poles have a wide range of applications in fields such as power, communication, and transportation.

Electronic Industry: Oxygen-free copper rods are used to manufacture electronic components such as integrated circuits, transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc. Their excellent conductivity and processing performance improve the performance and stability of these electronic components.

Vacuum electronic devices: Oxygen-free copper, due to its high purity, can provide stable electronic emission performance when manufacturing vacuum electronic devices such as cathode ray tubes, magnetrons, etc., ensuring their normal operation.

Metallurgical industry: In the metallurgical industry, oxygen-free copper rods can be used as raw materials for melting other metals or for manufacturing copper alloys. Their high purity and good corrosion resistance make them ideal choices for manufacturing high-quality copper alloys.

Construction industry: In the construction field, oxygen-free copper poles are used to manufacture electrical wires, water pipes, etc., for building purposes to meet the needs of buildings for electrical and plumbing systems.

Production Methods of Oxygen-free Copper Rod by Upward Citation

1. Raw material preparation: select high-purity electrolytic copper as raw material, and carry out laboratory testing to ensure that its chemical composition meets the requirements.
2. Smelting: Put the raw materials into the furnace for smelting. The melting furnace adopts an electric furnace or a gas furnace, and the melting temperature is generally around 1100°C. During the smelting process, attention should be paid to controlling the atmosphere inside the furnace to avoid oxidation of the copper surface.
3. Leading up into rods: the molten copper is drawn into rods through copper rods. Generally, vacuum or inert atmosphere is used for up-leading to ensure that the surface of the copper rod is not affected by oxidation. In the process of pulling up the rod, attention should be paid to controlling the speed and diameter of the rod to ensure the quality and performance of the copper rod.
4. Drawing: Drawing the finished copper rod to achieve the required diameter and length. During the drawing process, attention should be paid to controlling the drawing speed and drawing force to ensure the ductility and strength of the copper rod.
5. Cleaning and packaging: Clean and pack the drawn copper rods to ensure that the surface of the copper rods is clean and pollution-free, and to prevent the copper rods from being damaged during transportation and storage.

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What is an anaerobic copper rod?

Answer: Oxygen-free copper rod is a high-purity copper material with extremely low oxygen content. It is commonly used in the manufacturing fields of wires, cables, electronic components, etc., and is highly favored due to its excellent conductivity and processing performance.

What is the difference between an anaerobic copper rod and an ordinary copper rod?

Answer: Compared to ordinary copper rods, oxygen-free copper rods have lower oxygen content. Therefore, they have higher conductivity and thermal conductivity. In addition, the processing performance of oxygen-free copper rods is also better, making them suitable for manufacturing high-demand electronic components and wires and cables.

What are the advantages of oxygen-free copper rods in wire and cable manufacturing?

Answer: The high conductivity of oxygen-free copper rods can reduce the energy loss of wires and cables during power transmission and improve their efficiency. Meanwhile, its excellent processing performance also makes the manufacturing of wires and cables more convenient and efficient.

Why are oxygen-free copper rods widely used in the electronics industry?

Answer: The electronic industry has extremely high requirements for the conductivity and stability of materials. Oxygen-free copper rods’ high purity and excellent conductivity make them ideal for manufacturing electronic components such as integrated circuits and transistors, ensuring the stable and reliable performance of electronic devices.

What is the production process of oxygen-free copper rods?

Answer: The production process of oxygen-free copper rods usually includes steps such as melting, casting, rolling, and drawing. Firstly, the high-purity copper raw material is melted to remove impurities and oxygen. Then, the copper material is processed into oxygen-free copper rods through casting, rolling, and drawing.

How to determine the quality of oxygen free copper rods?

Answer: The quality of oxygen-free copper rods can be judged by their oxygen content, conductivity, mechanical properties, and other indicators. Generally speaking, oxygen free copper rods with lower oxygen content, higher conductivity, and better mechanical properties have better quality.


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