how to solder copper pipe to brass fitting

Soldering copper pipe to brass fittings is a common task that requires careful planning and attention to detail. It can be done using various methods, but one common approach is to use a union or heatshrinkable cable.


(how to solder copper pipe to brass fitting)

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Next, you need to prepare the parts by cleaning them thoroughly and applying flux. Flux helps to fill any gaps between the two parts and prevent corrosion.
Once the parts are clean and fluxed, you can proceed with the soldering process. To do this, apply a small amount of flux to the end of the copper pipe and then carefully position it against the brass fitting. Apply the heatshrinkable cable through the copper pipe while applying the flux to the fitting. Let the copper pipe heat up for a few seconds before applying the solder.
After the soldering process is complete, remove the heatshrinkable cable from the copper pipe and let it cool down completely. The copper pipe should now be firmly joined to the brass fitting without any visible signs of corrosion.


(how to solder copper pipe to brass fitting)

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